Top Benefits of Using Corporate Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days when the process of reaching an audience is easy. If you want to increase sales or boost profit, you need to create demand.

But now, viewers and audiences are no longer easily persuaded. While the modern technology has made innovative graphic effects easily achievable, it has also created a generation of mobile phone-carrying, multi-tasking, and internet surfing types of consumers. These consumers are presented with tons of attention-getting strategy everyday. This made getting the customer’s attention more challenging, especially when there are a thousand other brands trying to do the same thing as you.

One solution that made these challenges easier to solve is through the use of corporate video production. Corporate videos have many uses and there are many areas in your marketing department which can directly benefit from these videos such as explaining the company’s processes, celebrating a company milestone, creating training material, documenting a staff activity, production of sales presentations and most importantly telling your audience your company story.

Without a doubt, video marketing is a great addition to your promotion toolbox. If you still have doubts whether it is really worth to consider, then the answer is yes. Not only will you be able to compete with every brand that’s doing it but also because video is a very versatile and cost-effective digital marketing tool. If you need more reasons why corporate video production should be a part of your digital marketing arsenal, here are other benefits it offers:

Increase Business Sales and Profit

Among the many reasons why brands these days are using video marketing is because it can bring in huge amount of money. Based on a research, by adding a video on a landing page, you can increase its conversion rate by up to 80 percent. Plus, 74% of those who are watching an explainer video of a product are subsequently purchasing it. These statistics only show that videos have a large impact on how your audience perceives the brand and product. This gives brands all the more reason to start making a product video and keep up with their competitors.

It Helps You Build Trust

Trust is a good foundation for any brand to increase conversions and sales. The idea of content marketing is about creating long-term relationships between you as well as your target audience. Moreover, this can be achieved by building trust. The moment you have achieved this, consumers will then start to come to you. They will trust what you are offering them as they see it as an interesting and useful information.

It Can Improve Your Ranking

Through the use of videos, you can boost the time that visitors will spend on your site. This will result to longer brand exposure which will then help build trust between you and your audience. The best part of it is that it signals search engines like Google or Bing that your site has good content to offer your audience. Research shows that you are 53 times even more likely to show up on Google’s first page if a video is embedded on your website. And since Google owns YouTube, it can also boost your online ranking.

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