How Can Technology Help during COVID 19?

Plagues and pandemics have, since time immemorial, been intimidating the human race. SARS, H1N1, Ebola, and several others have scared us in the past. However, with every episode, we are discovering new ways of battling and regulating such infections that have the capacity to destroy millions of lives. Technology may no tdeter the outset of the epidemics; however, it can potentially deter the reach, aware, alert, and empower those on the grassroot level to be conscious of the problem, and significantly reduce the effect.

Online Shopping and Robot Deliveries

COVID-19 has completely changed online shopping from a luxury to anecessity across the globe. However, eCommerce, online shopping, logistics, and COD courier services in India and abroad are still functional. E-commerce needs to be assisted by a strong system of logistics. Delivery carried out by humans is not virus-proof. Several delivery firms and eateries across the world have begun contactless delivery benefits where stuff is picked up and dropped off in the required area rather than directly from or into a person’s hands. Big names in Chinese e-commerce are upping their expansion through robot deliveries. Nonetheless, before this service becomes common, delivery companies have to organize clear procedures to protect the sanitation of delivered products.

Digital and Contactless Payments

Cash can possibly be the carrier of the virus, so national banks in China, US and South Korea have enforced several regulations to make sure banknotes are sanitized before they are circulated. Presently, contactless digital payments, be it in the shape of cards or e-wallets, are the prescribed payment technique to limit the reach of COVID-19. Digital payments allow people to carry out online transactions and payments of goods, services and even pay for utility, and also to earn stimulus funds quickly.

Contact Tracing

Tracing the outbreak of the virus till date proves to be a beneficial method of preventing the spread of the pandemic. Cell phone contact tracing endeavors have been initiated in several countries like China and Ghana, and previous week, tech giants Apple and Google declared a joint venture that will utilize a mobile’s short-distance Bluetooth signals to trace the spread of the virus.

Patient Care

The amount of COVID-19 cases globally has already crossed two million human beings. While not everyone requires to be taken care ofat a hospital, the quantity of sufferers is putting tremendous burden on medical staff across the globe.

In Italy, the nucleus of Europe’s COVID-19 outburst, robots are being used to provide food and keep a check on routine health indicators.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is similarly enactingan important part in patient care. One instance is a device formulated by scientists at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) which will assist doctors to monitor patients remotely,and now is repurposed to assist intackling COVID-19.

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