5 Kinds of Services Provided by Courier Companies

Want to send a lot of gifts to your loved ones who are staying far away from you? Don’t worry; leave it to the courier companies as the main function of the courier companies is to deliver products to the respective customers. Different customers have different demands and every courier company has to fulfil them all. Some of the customers want the product to be delivered on the very next day of ordering, while some of them would want it delivered on a particular day. Then in case of any emergency, they want it to be delivered on the same day. Read on to find out the five kinds of services provided by ecommerce courier India companies.

  • International Courier Service

The name only tells about the service. The international courier service manages to deliver products from one country to another. There are several courier companies that provide this service. As this is done in large scale, there’s need for planes and ships to deliver packages to several countries.

  • Overnight Service

Do you want your gift to get delivered the very next day? Here comes the courier service with the delivery option. Ensure that the package is delivered within 24 hours soon after you deliver the package to your nearest courier service. And it’s the courier company’s duty to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

  • Express Same Day Courier Service

Do you want your gift to get delivered the same day? Then you must opt for the express same day delivery service. They do their best to deliver the package on the same day to the right person. Many courier companies in big cities take these types of services as that becomes easier for delivery.

  • Warehousing Service

This courier service is designed to give the companies a greater control over their goods and business. This service takes care of the businesses and stocks as this service involves the managed storage solutions, pick-up, pack-up, as well as the storage reporting. The goods are stored and prepared to be distributed later.

  • Standard Courier Service

The standard courier service will be the best option if you want to opt for the cheapest mode to transfer your goods, and there’s no urgency. The tracking id and the estimated time of delivery is mentioned, when you’ll receive your receipt from the courier company. This delivery service is the best for those who are not in a hurry.

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